MatMoi is a chess engine that can be used with most of the popular chess GUI like XBoard/Winboard (Now maintained by H.G.Muller) and Arena. It should work fine in most other Winboard compatible Interfaces. It’s name is in french and should be interpreted in english as « Checkmate me (if you can) ».

MatMoi in it’s current incarnation plays bellow International Master level at around 2250 ELO. This make it more suitable for play against human than as an analysis engine. Since the last CCT tournament in february 2010 I started to seriously work on MatMoi again and the current private version is already about 60 elo stronger.


You can download MatMoi for Linux and Windows in both 32 and 64 bits versions. If you have a 64 bits system you really should use the 64 bits version since it’s significantly faster. MatMoi being a Bitboard chess engine it make heavy use of 64 bits integer arithmetic.

All downloads include a MatMoi.ini files that is used to configure MatMoi and an opening book, named enormous.bin, becaused it’s based on the enormpous.pgn file that can be found on Robert Hyatt‘s ftp server.

Tournaments play

MatMoi participated in both CT11 and CCT12 Regular and blitz tournaments.

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